Contact/Application Forms

Applications for membership, or associate membership, should be made to the Secretary.  Forms for this are either on this website, available from the Strathblane Library, or from the allotments themselves.  (Spare forms are kept in the communal shed.)  The current rent is £80 for the larger plots, £70 for medium plots and £50 for the smallest.  Associate membership; this is for people who share or help on an allotment or “friends of the allotment” who participate in our workdays and other activities.

Directions to Blane Valley Allotments at Blanefield

(These are the best directions for any emergency service or delivery vehicle)

To get to Blane Valley Allotments from Strathblane, turn off the A81 onto Dumbrock Road, then second right into Dumbrock Drive.

Proceed to the end of this road (Post Code G63 9ND) and then west along the track that goes over the water (there may be a bollard at this point to prevent vehicle access) and continue past the playing field.   

Carry on along the bridleway for about 250 metres.  The entrance to the allotments is just past the Scottish Water site on the left.

Allocation Policy

Order of Priority

1.Next on list

2. New local householders take priority over existing plot-holders. We are not a private club and were set up with public funds.

3.Existing plot holders 

Plot-holders who asked for more than we could give them when they first applied takes priority over someone else looking to expand

Separately from the list

Plot sharers they should be given priority if the plot holder they share with is giving up if they

  1. Are recommended by the plot-holder
  2. Live in the area
  3. Make a contribution of time and or effort to the allotments
  4. Don’t live in the area in exceptional circumstances
  5. Or are willing to share with a local person

Plot Waiting List

  1. Date Applied: 27.09.21
  2. Date Applied: 28.02.21

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