Composting Toilet

Strathblane Community Development Trust have been awarded a grant of £9934 for a Kazuba Waterless Composting Toilet to help Blane Valley Allotments and the Paths Group to reduce local carbon emissions through the use of a composting toilet and other carbon reduction activities.

Find out more at or under local facilities and then local organisations – Blane Valley Allotments

January 2021

Strathblane Community Development Trust has once again brought significant resources to the area and for the development of the Allotments. We are pleased to secure a CCAF grant to have a waterless composting toilet available for use by the allotments and older peoples walking group. We will help tackle climate change, by creating more growing opportunities on the allotments, support local people with information on how to grow at home, recycle leaves and bark for composting on the allotments and provide hedging and fruit bushes to the wildlife pond area being planned in the village.

We are very grateful to George Leslie staff who unloaded the Kazuba Toilet for us and placed it in our car park for storage. This was a very skilled operation. We needed all their expertise and advice to get this equipment delivered to us and also for advising the installer about bringing the equipment they needed. Their help and advice was invaluable.

Stirling Council Community Grants Scheme

Stirling Council have awarded the BVAA £1475 for the purchase of a Haygrove Polytunnel. The BVAA and the Wee Spuds will share the £800 installation costs, and it will be used as stated below.

Funding requested towards purchasing and installing a Haygrove woven Polytunnel which is the smallest commercial grade tunnel for wind resistance. It will be used by allotment holders, The Wee Spuds and their parent helpers (a group of children from the out of school care club) as well as a class from the primary school that normally attends each year, between 7 and 25 children depending on teacher and parent helper availability. The tunnel will extend the growing season for into Autumn/Winter/Spring and provide a wet weather facility. The range of food grown can also be increased. Food is shared in the community, particularly with those who can’t afford a greenhouse or are on too small a plot and with the school canteen. The tunnel will help reduce costs, particularly important for pensioners and those on benefits, by raising more plants from seed. Skills and experience are also shared and there is help for new members. The Wee Spuds will grow Bee Friendly flowers in the polytunnel and plant them in the village barrels. They will buy bulbs and plant them now as a Covid Family group activity saving the Community Council time and money. Jams and chutneys are made by the allotment groups to sell at the school fayres and they lead on educational activities, eg worms & composting, growing at home, easy berries and currants. The tunnel will also allow more space for families and socially distanced growing activity.

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