The allotments began as an offshoot of the Strathblane Community Development Trust’s (SCDT) Carbon Neutral Group and the site developed with funding from the Climate Challenge Fund, LEADER, the Scottish Community Projects Fund, and the layout designed by Thomas Robinson, Architects. 

It took some years from a group discussing the idea in 2009, finding a site and, after some alternative views from the village, finally gaining a successful planning application from Stirling Council, to the eventual opening on 2 June 2012, the ribbon being cut by Sir Archie Edmonstone of the Duntreath Estates who had generously provided the land for our development and recently extended our lease. This has helped us secure funding for new resources on the allotments.

Currently SCDT hold the Lease for the allotments from Duntreath Estates and sub let it to the Blane Valley Allotments. We continue to have a close working relationship with SCDT and are extremely grateful for their ongoing support.

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