Blane Valley Allotments

Peas and Beans Will Flower Soon

Summer is here at last! And it seems like it’s going to be a hot one (just jinxed it!) Make sure to keep all peas and beans hydrated over the coming weeks to give them the best chance of lasting the summer, and thank you kindly with a glut! Click below to learn more about caring for peas…

May 2022 Blane Valley Allotments

  • As you can see we need an up to date picture or drawing for a new allotments header, please send entries to David and he can put them on the website. 
  • We haven’t had any communal events for two years due to Covid so the committee have decided we can organise two socially distanced work days to support people in taking on jobs. There is a current list of jobs that we will continuously update and people should feel free to volunteer for jobs either on the work day or to do at a time that suits them. Please email Val at
  • We are seriously depleted in work capability this year as Mike is waiting on an operation and Bruce has had an accident and won’t be walking for 4 months. Sheena and Margaret are still caught up in getting their house put back together and others are away for periods. Erling has kindly stepped up to co-ordinate the grass cutting and a list for volunteers will be distributed to keep in contact with each other for swops and support. Please see the dates that still require to be covered below. Please contact Sheena on to volunteer for grass cutting so the list can be completed and circulated to those involved.
  • George Thom our lifetime member will be bringing bees to the most remote part of the allotments in the private area. He will be happy to write some information about keeping bees for the Website. 
  • We have two new allotmenteers coming onto plots and a waiting list. If you are not intending to grow and harvest please give up an area so someone else can use it. 
  • Dates
  • Committee meeting 28th June
  • Plot inspection 25th June Linda and David
  • Work Days 2 – 4pm 
  • Sun 12th June Carol and Ruth 
  • Sat 9th July Sheena and Val
  • Sir Archie Visit end June beginning July.
  • We won’t be having a bonfire as the byelaws have changed but there will be a public one as below.
  • Jubilee Community Bonfire 2nd June in the field above the playing field.

Grass Cutting Rota

May 14th Erling

May 28th Charlie H

June 11th David

June 25th Jim

July 9th Charlie H

July 23rd Erling

Aug 6th Erling

Aug 20th

Sept 3rd

Sept 17th David

Oct 1st

Please see job list below

Job List 

a) Divide Laura Coombes Plot 

b) Assess State of perimeter fence 

c) Replace Bannister for the steps

d) Assess and fix the Ramp as required

e) Paint the outside of the cabin 

f) Moving shed away from next to the cabin to the greenhouse site

g) Moving the bike rack

h) Weeding the flower beds

i) Clear the greenhouse site of soil

j) Take rubbish to the dump in Balfron 

k) Tidy up childrens hut and beds – Tom Furniss

l) Create border round polytunnel and lay astroturf

m) Tidy up Manure area and Tarpaulin/ Car park strim or cut, move wood from deliveries

n) Create support behind cabin and patio area

o) Wiping down Hut chairs

p) Sweeping out cabin

q) Creation of tyre beds 

r) Repair sign and erect outside allotment gate

If you want to do any jobs separate from the work days please contact Val on