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Blane Valley Allotments Newsletter April 2023              

We had a lovely Spring Meeting and work day on Saturday 22nD April. First Meeting in Three years due to Covid.

It was attended by 17 people plus children

Jobs Tackled on the day were; Perimiter Fence Checking and repairs in two places to keep the rabbits out; Ramp brushing to tackle slippery leaves and weeding. Flower bed weeding behind the polytunnel, Sweeping up the straw outside the gate for composting, Hotspot tape replacement in the polytunnel.

Future work identified; Assessing the Ramp for (bounciness) for future replacement work; Main Gate skirt of chicken wire to stop baby rabbits getting underneath (URGENT); Moving the shed from next to log cabin; painting log cabin; digging plants out of flower bed and laying membrane before replacing plants to match the other bed that’s easier to maintain. Toilet hut replacement & painting.

Meeting issues discussed and information given as follows:-

Communications, newsletter, website – Please remember to update your address and emergency contact details with the Secretary if anything changes.

Finances and Accounts

Site Assets, Dry Toilet, Cabin. Communal Toolshed, Polytunnel– 2 spaces available in Polytunnel- contact committee members if interested.  


Manure- There will be a delivery when the farmer can, it is usually very short notice and we need people to help committee members cover it with tarps.

People can help themselves to manure for their plots.

Deliveries – Forms on Website need to be submitted to committee in advance in order to manage safety on the site and public path.

Shared deliveries are encouraged so if people can inform others by contacting Val (Secretary) for an email but also asking around. This saves on car journeys.

Car journeys still need to be recorded on the yellow sheets in the key box in the shed next to the log cabin. The need for this was explained as car journeys to the plot are still noticed and contentious.

Workdays– A Calendar is included in the Newsletter, please put dates in your diary.

Grass Rota – we need volunteers again this year and Erling will organise- An email will be sent out so please reply with dates you are available or not available and Sheena will draw up a rota and the group can communicate with each other. Training will be given to new people.

Strimmer- available to keep your plot perimeter in good order

Bonfires– We didn’t have one today at Spring Meeting as many committee members are unwell and unable to manage. They will be organised for future workdays or events. Please Keep wood on your plot and don’t pile it on the bonfire site, contact the committee if you have material that needs burning and a bonfire can be arranged.

Open Day, Visits from Landlord and other visits. Feedback was given on last year and the need for plot holders to be on their plots on the Open Day as there were so many people to show round in 2022 we were running out of guides, it was great it was so successful.

Wee Spuds– Sarah, Amy and Kate with support from Emma Caldwell. This is continuing with new parents leading this year, school site development, removing the raised beds and concentrating on the plot.

Bees- Charlie and George still have hives onsite. They are available to deal with any swarms that happen naturally and are very safe as bees are docile at this time. Contact a committee member if you see one and give the location. Carol gave very knowledgeable information about bees.

Library books and Seedbank – Our library books will be available with a loose leaf folder that covers everything you might want to grow – pages can be copied in the library so you can take home.

Hoses and water butts

Please don’t water your plot with the hose, use the hoses to fill a water butt on your plot and then water from a watering can. This ensures there is enough water for everyone. If you have a structure on your plot use it to collect water.

Rabbits, moles and other pests/ Fencing  Wasps

Please check for Rabbit holes if you are near the fence – they are always trying to get in. Wasp bikes must be tackled ASAP before they become a problem with fruit bushes or people.

Health and safety – Keeping plots in good condition- biocides.  Please keep weed control or insecticides on your own plot if you must use them, remember about spray drift.

Communal Compost bin- soil in here is available for plot holders especially new set ups.

Allotment social – it went well

Gate remember to keep locked and close PADLOCK with lock facing away from gate closure so people don’t get locked in. PLEASE REPORT STICKING PADLOCK AS WE WILL FIX IT.


Dates for your Diary


Sun 21st May; Sat 10th June; Sun 6th August; Sat 16th Sep.     

All workdays are 2-4pm   Bonfire and barbecue announced near the time

Killearn Show Sat 26th August entry forms in big shed ask Carol and Willie Oswald

Open Day   Sun 27th August 2-4pm

AGM       Fri 20th October 7.30pm

Committee Meeting Dates

Tuesdays at 7pm -; 16th May; 6th June; 1st August; 12th Sept; 17th October (TBC)


Committee Member Contact Details, also available on log cabin door.

Margaret Meager                                  07710769653

Linda Mackinnon                           07557996520      

Carol Freireich                          07980164404

Val McNulty                                             Secretary

Sheena McDonald           07801813096

Mike McNulty                            07719676263

David Malone 

Bruce Mackinnon

Rosita Bowcutt

Hazel Torrance                                       07787 514161

Glenda Nugent                                07775 902644

Remembrance of Jo Waterfield

Many of us attended the funeral of Jo Waterfield an original plot holder of the allotments, an original committee member and a strong advocate of plot sharing, with Charlie Senior and latterly with Mike and Ruth. Her enthusiasm for local projects and developments will be missed all over the village. Her beautifully kept plot continues to be an inspiration. The raised flower beds will be planted with wildflowers in her memory. Jo’s hand delivery of the newsletter, an important innovation, is a hard act to follow. She will be missed.