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Blane Valley Allotments Newsletter October 2022                

AGM and Plot Renewals

At the recent AGM we accepted a report from the Treasurer urging us to increase rents to raise our available funds for restoration and maintenance projects especially the perimeter fence of the allotments with steps, ramp and sheds also on the list for the next few years.

Rent increase

The membership fee part of the allotment rent stays the same and we decided on an increase in the area charge to £0.2 per square metre, members who have larger plots would pay the same increased rate as everyone else, however they will see a bigger increase overall due to having a larger area.   It will raise a further £435 per annum. This means costs will be as follows; 200 sqm £80; 150 sqm £70; 100sqm £60; 50sqm £50 all plot sizes are approximate.

Rents are due from the AGM till 1st January 2023. Please make your payments by BACS where possible with your plot number and name and email Carol on  Any problems with paying your rent will be sympathetically heard if you contact Carol by email or another committee member. Carol will be dealing with her duties remotely for the next few months and will not be available by phone or in person.  Donations over and above plot rents are always welcome.

If you want to change or relinquish all or part of your plot please let a committee member know as soon as possible as we will be talking to new applicants who are joining the waiting list.

New Committee Members

We are very pleased to welcome Hazel Torrance and Glenda Nugent to the committee. Thank you to Ruth Downham for her time on the committee and we wish her well in her new endeavours which include the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wee Spuds

Have had another successful year and have purchased new raised beds for the polytunnel.  They will be reducing the size of their growing area in order to encourage one of the parents to take over running the group from Sarah who has other commitments in supporting her children’s activities as they have grown. Sarah has made an amazing contribution in creating and running the Wee Spuds.

Email list

Our Allotment blind email list has been problematic for some time, we are now moving to a visible list as we have no other way of ensuring we stay in contact with you and we are doing this because we have received numerous complaints. Please check your spam for allotment emails and check the website for communications.

Dates for your Diary


Sat 22nd April Inc. Spring Meeting & Bonfire; Sun 21st May; Sat 10th June; Sun 6th August; Sat 16th Sep.      All workdays are 2-4pm

Open Day   Sun 27th August 2-4pm

AGM       Fri 20th October 7.30pm

Committee Meeting Dates

Tuesdays at 7pm – 8th November; 7th February; 7th March; 18th April; 16th May; 6th June; 1st August;

12th Sept; 17th October.

  • Remember if you want to erect a greenhouse or shed you need to ask the committee first.
  • Deliveries need a form filled out and sent to the committee so we can check for safety, the form is on the website
  • Bringing cars to the allotment and delivery vehicles needs recording on the yellow sheet in the key box in the small shed.  Car use to allotment is to be kept to a minimum in line with our agreement with the village.  Ask if anyone wants to share a delivery – sharing cost and reducing vehicles.

Committee Member contact details are also posted in the window of the big shed

Margaret Meager                                  07710769653

Linda Mackinnon                           07557996520      

Carol Freireich                          07980164404

Val McNulty                                             Secretary

Sheena McDonald           07801813096

Mike McNulty                            07719676263

David Malone 

Bruce Mackinnon

Rosita Bowcutt

Hazel Torrance                                       07787 514161

Glenda Nugent                                07775 902644

Remembrance of Jo Waterfield

Many of us attended the funeral of Jo Waterfield an original plot holder of the allotments, an original committee member and a strong advocate of plot sharing, with Charlie Senior and latterly with Mike and Ruth. Her enthusiasm for local projects and developments will be missed all over the village. Her beautifully kept plot continues to be an inspiration. The raised flower beds will be planted with wildflowers in her memory. Jo’s hand delivery of the newsletter, an important innovation, is a hard act to follow. She will be missed.