Blane Valley Allotments

Peas and Beans Will Flower Soon

Summer is here at last! And it seems like it’s going to be a hot one (just jinxed it!) Make sure to keep all peas and beans hydrated over the coming weeks to give them the best chance of lasting the summer, and thank you kindly with a glut! Click below to learn more about caring for peas…

Newsletter Blane Valley Allotments July 2022

  • Work Day Sat 9th July 2-4pm

Please come along to the workday.  We will have a new list of jobs and it’s really important that everyone gets the chance to meet up again and have contact with committee members, we haven’t been able to have face to face meetings for a long time. If you can’t come do a job from the list at another time

  • Next committee meeting Tuesday 9th August

Let us know if you want anything discussed

  • New people on allotments

Please look out for new people on the plots and introduce yourself, they may need some info that you can help with

  • Manure is available please take it from the front of the pile to reclaim car park space
  • Flowers for Wee Spuds to plant in Village tubs

Do you have any flowers that the Wee Spuds can use to brighten up the village tubs now that the spring bulbs are over?

  • Cabin usage

It was great to have the new cabin as a base for the workday and a ‘cake and socialising space’. We can keep the doors and windows open for Covid Safety.   Please remember it is a social space and shelter from the weather NOT a place for storing anything and not for dirty stuff. Emily is doing a great job keeping it clean

  • Toilet

On the subject of cleanliness there is a sealed bag of kitchen paper in the toilet that can be disposed of down the toilet once it has been used for cleaning if necessary. There are also wipes that can go in the bin or in the dog bags hanging on the front of the bin and then added to the bin. It is important that the toilet is kept clean so please leave it how you would want to find it.   Thanks to Sheena & Lorna for the cleaning. 

  • Strimmer

We have finally bought a battery strimmer for usage on the allotments so if you want to get your weeds under control or trim the edges of your plot please ask one of the Co- Chairs Linda or Margaret who are responsible for keeping track of it.  A safety protocol is being drawn up and we have goggles and a helmet.

  • Reminder about break-ins

Remember we have had break-ins in the past so if you leave your shed closed but unlocked it’s less of a temptation, and it won’t get damaged if anyone does try to get in;  please don’t leave anything valuable and portable in your shed

  • Team needed to help make a frame for artificial grass around the polytunnel

Willie will be doing this in August and he will need a team of volunteers

  • 10 year celebration and open day Sun 28th August, 2 – 4pm

We are planning an open day and celebration of our 10 year anniversary so please be around to talk to people, bring your friends and CAKE!!!! There may be a presentation about Bees from our resident keepers

  • Sir Archie visit and 10 year Lease

Sir Archie was very helpful in giving us a ten year Lease to help us with funding for the toilet and polytunnel and I am sure this also helped us with the donation for the log cabin. He and Lady Juliet have been keen to visit to see how well we have progressed so please keep your plot in the best order as we don’t know when the visit can be arranged

  • Committee     

Margaret Meager    07710769653

Linda Mackinnon      

Carol Freireich    07980164404

Val McNulty              Secretary

Sheena McDonald 07801813096

Mike McNulty 07719676263

Ruth Downham 07541 352 825

David Malone

Bruce Mackinnon

Rosita Bowcutt

Julie Hutchison SCDT Representative