BVA Constitution


  1. NAME

The name of the association is the Blane Valley Allotments Association.  It operates under the Strathblanefield Community Development Trust. 


The objects of the Association are:

(a) to develop, manage and supervise the allotments for the benefit of the plotholders and in accordance with the Association’s Rules;

(b) to promote and support environmentally sustainable gardening.


In furtherance of the Objects above, the Association will have the following powers:-

(a) to purchase, take on lease, hire or otherwise acquire, any property or rights which are suitable for the Association’s activities.

(b) to improve, manage, develop, or otherwise deal with, all or any part of the property and rights of the Association.

(c) to engage such consultants and advisers as are considered appropriate from time to effect insurance of all kinds (which may include officers’ liability insurance).

(d) to effect insurance of all kinds (which may include officers’ liability insurance).

(e) to liaise with other voluntary sector bodies, local authorities, UK or Scottish Government departments and agencies, and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the Association’s objects.

(f) to take such steps as may be deemed appropriate for the purpose of raising funds for the Association’s activities.

(g) to accept grants, donations and legacies of all kinds (and to accept any reasonable conditions attaching to them).

(h) to carry on any other lawful activities which further any of the above objects. 


(a)    Membership shall be open to residents of Strathblane Community Council area. There are three categories of members: 

FULL MEMBERS are those, over 16 years old, who have paid their annual rent, are in agreement with the Objectives above, and undertake to cultivate their allotments in accordance with the Association Rules, a copy of which is appended.  Each plot qualifies for one vote at any general meeting.  

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those who support the activities and objectives of the Association but do not wish to have a plot.

JUNIOR MEMBERS are under 16 years. 

(b)    Only full members are entitled to vote at general meetings.

(c)    Application for membership should be made by completing the appropriate form, to be sent to the Secretary, which will be considered by the Management Committee at the first possible meeting.  

(d)    The Management Committee may, at its discretion and for good and sufficient reason, refuse to admit any individual to membership.

(e)    Full membership, if accepted, will only come into effect once the plot rent is paid and agreement to the Rules signed.

(f)     The Management Committee shall have the right, for good and sufficient reason (including non-adherence to the Rules), to terminate membership of any individual or group, by written notice, providing the member, or their representative, shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before the final decision is made.

(g)    Any individual who wishes to withdraw from membership shall send a signed notice to that effect to the Association; the individual shall cease to be a member on receipt of the notice. No refund of rent will be made to plotholders on cessation of membership.


(a)    An annual general meeting will be held in October of each year.  Notice of the AGM must be sent to all members at least 28 days before the meeting date, inviting nominations for committee membership and any proposed resolutions, including changes to the Constitution and Rules.  Responses must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 14 days before the meeting date.  

(b)    The AGM will include an annual report and a review of the year’s finances from the Treasurer, as well as election of officers and committee members.  Any proposed change to the Constitution or Rulesrequires the agreement of not less than two-thirds of those present.

(c)    A second general meeting will be held annually in April to allow consultation with members and discuss developments for the year ahead.  Proposed changes to the Rules may be submitted to this meeting (as they may at the AGM), and require the agreement of not less than two thirds of those present.  Notice to members of the meeting would detail any proposed changes

(d)    An extraordinary general meeting may be called on written request of 30% of the full membership or by the Management Committee.  The Committee must notify the full membership within seven days, giving details of the business to be conducted, and arrange such a meeting within three weeks of the request being made.

(e)    A quorum for any general meeting will be 12 members or 25% of the full membership, whichever is the lesser.  

(f)     Minutes of any general meeting, approved by the Chair of the meeting, will be circulated to the full membership. 


(a) The business of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee, comprising Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to five other members, including a nominated member from the Strathblane Community Development Trust.  All officer bearers and Committee members shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election at the following AGM.  Any office bearer can only hold his/her elected position for a maximum of three years; however, where there are no nominations for these posts and at the discretion of the members, the incumbents can remain in his/her post for more than 3 years, subject to annual review.    

(b)    A quorum for Management Committee meetings will be four full members, including two office bearers.

(c)    Co-options can be made for specific time-limited tasks or roles, or until ratification at the next AGM.

(d)    The Committee will meet monthly from April to October, or as otherwise agreed by the Committee, each meeting being minuted, these minutes being accessible to all members.  Sub-committees may be formed as appropriate.

(e)    The Management Committee shall keep a register of members and maintain a waiting list.  The Management Committee may, at its discretion, refuse membership or entry to the waiting list.

(f)     Should a member of the Management Committee have a personal interest in any transaction or other arrangement which is being considered by the Association, he/she must declare this and will be debarred from voting on the matter in question.

(g)    No member of the Management Committee may serve as an employee (full time or part time) of the Association, nor be given any remuneration by the Association for carrying out his or her duties as a Committee member.


(a)    A bank account will be opened in the name of the Association and managed by the Treasurer, with three of the Committee authorised to sign any cheque on behalf of the Association and all cheques requiring two signatures.   

(b)    The Treasurer shall keep a full accounting record and report to the Management Committee on a monthly basis and to the membership at each AGM.  The accounts will be inspected annually by an independent examiner.

(c)    All monies raised by or on behalf of the Association, will be applied to further the objects of the Association, and no other.

(d)    Plot rents and fees will be set at the AGM and due for payment by the end of the calendar year.  Failure to do so may result in terminating membership.


(a)    If the Management Committee determines that it is necessary or appropriate that the Association be dissolved, it shall convene a meeting of the members; not less than 28 days’ notice of the meeting (stating the terms of the proposed resolution) shall be given.

(b)    If a proposal by the Management Committee to dissolve the Association is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the above meeting the Management Committee shall have power to dispose of any assets held by or on behalf of the Association. 

(c)    In the event of the dissolution of the Association, all outstanding debts and liabilities will be cleared.  Following consultation with Funders, any remaining assets will be passed to the Strathblane Community Development Trust or other organisations with similar aims, including the School.  No member will gain personally from the dissolution of the Association.

(d)   There is an obligation to arrange for carrying out the conditions of the Lease.


This Constitution was amended and approved by the Blane Valley Allotments Association at the Annual General Meeting held on 21st October 2021.

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