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National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners

Scottish Allotments and Gardening Society

Grow Your Own (a website on growing fruit and veg by a Scottish allotment holder)

Garden Organic (advice on how best to begin gardening and growing organically)

Scottish Fruit Trees (Scottish supplier of fruit trees ideal for the unique Scottish climate)

James McIntyre (Scottish supplier of fruit bushes and raspberry canes. Much better quality, and a greater range than most garden centres)

Alan Romans (an encyclopaedia of potato knowledge)



BVAA alllotment holders get a discount from the following firms (all require payment on order).

Prices may be out of date, so do check first.

Allander Aggregates

Allander Aggregates, Milngavie – tel 0141 956 4583 – have a special price list for us and happy to deliver to the site.  Used frequently by members, particularly for drainage materials. It’s often possible to combine deliveries with other plotters.  There is a delivery charge.  


McNairs, Kirkintilloch – tel 0141 777 8080   Delivery charge: £10 if order over £250, otherwise £16.  Good if you want very long pieces of wood – can do 16’ lengths which are a fraction thicker than others’.

For a discount, quote account number AA788 when you order.

Kelvin Timber

Kelvin Timber, Milngavie – tel 0141 956 5183. As an allotment holder, it is possible to get a 10% discount but you may have to speak to a particular person.  Contact the committee for more info, if you need.  Delivery charge is £15

Craigmarloch Nurseries

This company, along at Kilsyth, is for trade only, but allotment holders can make use of it if any order is big enough (several people grouping together is often the case).

Gardeners Dream

Gardeners Dream  – tel 01236 822 000 – is based at the same place in Kilsyth but open to retail trade. Its nearness means that delivery is fast (collection is not permitted but unnecessary anyway).  Have a look at their site.  No discount yet arranged for this company although it would appear that this is possible.

Oakwood Garden Centre – tel 07882 105654 and ask for Janet. The Centre is on the A81 heading out of the village towards Aberfoyle at the 1st big roundabout. They are currently delivering due to lockdown. If you are putting in an order please email everyone on so that they can put in an order and get it delivered at the same time

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