Welcome to the Blane Valley Allotments Association website. We are private owned allotments, in the village of Blanefield and Strathblane, on land leased from the Duntreath Estates.  Membership is limited, by our lease, to those living within the Strathblane Community Council area.

There are about 30 plots on sizes varying from 50m2, ideal for beginners, to 100m2and 200m2for the more experienced. Most of the largest plots hold a hut, and some a greenhouse too.  There is a large communal shed, useful on rainy days, or for group meetings, and a small shed beside that, used by those plotters without any storage facilities.

The Wee Spuds Group/Strathblane Primary School looks after four raised beds within the site to introduce the pupils to growing flowers and vegetables. They also now have their own plot which is managed by parents from the Wee Spuds group along with the children.

A polytunnel has been funded by Stirling Council which will allow for a longer growing season for the children.

Vehicular access to the site along the track is strongly discouraged, but is sometimes essential when transporting heavy goods, deliveries by lorry, or for health reasons.   

There is a parking area, which is more often used for temporarily storing delivered goods (often manure) rather than its original plan for disabled parking. 

CAUTION Always have your mobile with you at the allotments, especially if you are alone on the site.  Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident – or lock yourself in – you can call for help – it has happened before.  Make sure you have the necessary contact numbers stored on your phone. A list of Committee Members with some phone numbers is displayed in the Communal Shed if required. In addition directions for emergency services to get to the site are inside the gate on the notice board. 

Applications for membership, or associate membership, should be made to the Secretary.  Forms for this are either on this website, available from the Strathblane Library, or from the allotments themselves. 

The current rent is £60 for the larger plots, £50 for medium plots and £45 for the smallest.  Associate membership; this is for people who share or help on an allotment or “friends of the allotment” who participate in our workdays and other activities.

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