White Mashed Potato Squash

This is quite sweet but goes well as a topping for Cottage pie, especially the vegan versions madewith Pinto beans mushrooms and parsley.


Puncture and bake the squash in the over for half an hour, it cooks quickly so watch it doesn’t burn.  Peel away skin and scoop out flesh. Put seeds aside for adding to stir fries or chilli spag bol or anything to lower the GI. 

Just cook the pinto beans after soaking overnight making them a bit mushy and mash with a fork. Saute mushrooms and an onion in butter, leaving the onion a bit chunky and still a bit crisp add a tin of tomatoes, the squashed beans and a bunch of chopped parsley

Grease a casserole or pie dish add the bean mixture and top with the white squash and a little parmesan or vegan alternative.  This is what I remember of an old Bean Book recipe.

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