Beetroot and Butter Bean Pseudo-Consommé

Serves as many people as need be: allow about half pint or so of stock per person, and however much beetroot and beans you’re all hungry for. 

This is a very simple recipe. Firstly, prepare enough beef, chicken, or vegetable stock as needed; some folks will prefer the stock stronger than others.

Once the stock is simmering in the saucepan, place the freshly podded butter beans into the stock and allow the heat to soften them (or add pre-soaked beans for a quicker cook, though cooking the beans in the stock will allow the beans to soak in the flavour); meanwhile, dice/julienne the beetroot.

Once the stock is hot, and the butter beans have softened to your liking, drop in the beetroot cubes/matchsticks and stir gently until their vibrant colour bleeds through the simmering stock.

And that’s it. Done. Serve hot at once, with the beetroot still crunchy, or leave to cool and enjoy as refreshing gazpacho style soup.

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